Monthly Archives: October 2020

Tips for Using Accounts Receivable Financing

Have you ever used account receivable financing? If not, you might like to know about this extremely helpful business technique for raising needed working capital.  Accounts Receivable Financing 101 Accounts receivable, also known as invoice factoring, is a unique style... Read More

The Benefit of Writing Down Your Sales Goals

Writing down sales goals is an excellent way of documenting just how much cash you make every day. According to current research findings, business owners who make a point of having clear goals stand a 42 percent chance of achieving... Read More

Do I Need Collateral for a Business Loan

Often times, if your business is in need of an infusion of working capital, you may be asked to put up collateral in order to receive your financing. If this is your first time financing, then perhaps you don’t know... Read More

The Importance of Alternative Financing for Small Businesses

The alternative lending industry has been proliferating in the US, and investments are no longer the privy of large financial institutions like banks. The modern small business owner has more options than ever before when it comes to accessing funding.... Read More