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To successfully grow a business, you need some cash on hand. Too many great deals and opportunities may pass your company by if you’re unable to secure the money quickly enough. Take a look at accounts receivable financing from Adventure Capital Group. We purchase discount accounts receivable notices, freeing up your assets and providing your company with hard cash. We work with established businesses, bankrupt businesses, startup businesses, and everything in between. If you have customers that take 90 days or longer to settle their bills, this could be a powerful tool in your financial portfolio.

Financing Receivables Benefits Everyone

Your customers benefit because your company will be better able to handle seasonal demands and unexpected large orders. You can increase your inventory, develop a new product, or expand your floor space, all of which can create a better customer experience. Your company benefits through the following:

  • No arbitrary loan decisions
  • No fixed payments or personal guarantees
  • Cash as soon as 24 hours
  • Available for any business
  • Funding increases as receivables increase

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At Adventure Capital Group, we are ready to help you realize your business goals. Big or small, we’ve got you covered. Contact one of our financial experts today and let’s discuss how financing receivables can launch your company’s growth.